Dental Crowns in Cullman

Dental Crowns

All-Porcelain, Natural-Looking Crowns

Dental CrownsA crown is a tooth restoration that caps a decayed or damaged tooth, covering the entire part of your tooth that is visible above the gumline. A crown gives your damaged tooth the support and strength it needs to continue functioning. A crown can also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth, or it can be placed on top of an implant to replace a tooth that was lost.

Dr. Bartlett provides all-porcelain crowns that are completely metal-free and look very aesthetic. Her professional work experience has included nine years of working alongside a top cosmetic dentist, a specialist in aesthetic and functional tooth restoration. She uses only the best materials to ensure your crown is durable, fits well and looks completely natural.

Our Durable, All-Ceramic Crowns

Top-Quality Ceramic Materials

Dr. Bartlett takes great care to ensure that your crown comes out exactly right. She uses top-quality ceramic materials to make sure that your crown is strong and durable, and looks beautiful.

For the back teeth—which must be able to withstand the greatest biting forces—Dr. Bartlett usually uses zirconia, an ultra-strong and natural-looking ceramic that is one of the latest advancements in dentistry.

For the front teeth, she uses a variety of durable porcelain materials that are extremely lifelike for the best possible aesthetic result.

Our crown procedure

First, we will take detailed, accurate impressions of your teeth and your bite. After preparing your tooth to receive a crown, we will fit you with a natural-looking temporary crown while your final is being crafted. We will then send your impressions to our trusted lab, where experienced technicians will craft your final crown under Dr. Bartlett’s direction. When your crown comes back from the lab, it is cemented into place, and Dr. Bartlett will make any final adjustments to ensure a proper alignment and comfortable bite.

What crowns are used for

A crown can be used in a number of situations, including:

  • To repair and protect a damaged or decayed tooth
  • To serve as an artificial tooth on top of a dental implant (replacing a single, missing tooth)
  • To strengthen a tooth and protect a tooth from fracture after root canal treatment
  • To correct the alignment of your bite
  • To improve the appearance of your smile by correcting discoloration or misshapen teeth. (Veneers can also be used for this purpose, but when the tooth is also damaged due to fracture or decay, the doctor may recommend a crown instead.)

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