Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Cullman

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Bartlett provides custom full-mouth rehabilitation to restore your smile to full health and beauty.

Restore Your Smile to Full Health and Beauty

Various factors can cause decay, cracks or other damage to teeth. Accidents, gum disease, not going to the dentist for a prolonged period of time and other conditions can result in a mouth that hurts and makes you feel embarrassed about your smile. A full-mouth rehabilitation can restore your mouth to full health and function and allow you to smile again with confidence. Dr. Bartlett is one of the only dentists in the area who provide full-mouth rehabilitation services.

Dr. Bartlett provides comprehensive dental services and has the skills necessary to make your full-mouth rehabilitation a success. She is experienced in handling extensive cases and uses an excellent lab to make sure that the work you have done is not only strong and durable, but also looks aesthetic and natural.

Dr. Bartlett teaches part-time at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry and keeps up-to-date with the latest advances in dental techniques through regular continuing education.

Precise Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

We obtain a comprehensive, detailed view of your mouth, teeth and jaws as part of our initial diagnostics.

Dr. Bartlett will start with an oral examination, X-rays and smile evaluation. We will also ask you to fill out a special questionnaire that gives us more information about your preferences in terms of what your final smile design should look like.

Dr. Bartlett will make a study model of your mouth and mount it on an articulator (a device that simulates the biting movement of your jaws) to ensure that your new smile will have a properly aligned bite. She will lay out a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve the results you discussed in your consultation. Dr. Bartlett will also have a wax-up made at a high-quality dental lab (a wax model of what your new smile will look like) by a skilled ceramist. She will consult you on the wax-up and ask for your approval of your final smile design before starting treatment.

The doctor will explain every step of the procedures you will be receiving, so you will know what to expect and can feel comfortable and at ease about your treatment.

Gentle, Comfortable Treatment

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

We will make you as comfortable as possible for your procedure.

Dr. Bartlett is known for her gentle, friendly chairside manner and for really caring about her patients. She will listen to any concerns you may have, and she will explain every procedure in detail before you start your treatment.

Our friendly staff will do their best to keep you comfortable at all times. We have blankets and flat screen TVs in every treatment room, and you will be able to watch any one of a large number of local and national channels during your procedures. You can also listen to music on Pandora. Our patients frequently comment that when they come to our office, they feel like a family member rather than a patient.

Our Procedures for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

A full-mouth rehabilitation can involve one or more of the following:

Complimentary Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Consultation

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

If you think you are in need of extensive dental work, come in for a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Consultation with Dr. Bartlett to find out what your treatment options are. You will receive:

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Patient Testimonial

Sidebar Testimonials“When we moved to Alabama five years ago, our main concern was finding a new dentist, doctor and pharmacist. Our real estate agent recommended Dr. Bartlett, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

“She replaced several old crowns and they are perfect. She is very sensitive and caring, and she is a friend. Her dental work is excellent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”


To make an appointment, call 256‑841‑7222 or click here to request an appointment online.

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