SureSmile Teeth Straightening in Cullman, AL


SureSmile can straighten your teeth using clear aligners.

Straighten Your Teeth without Metal Braces

SureSmile is a system of virtually invisible teeth straightening using clear plastic aligners, similar to Invisalign®. Suresmile is suitable for adults, and teenagers whose permanent teeth have fully erupted. Dr. Byerly has opted to use the Suresmile system of teeth straightening because of its treatment flexibility (allowing for the adjustment of treatment midway through), and its excellent results and affordability.

Teeth straightening can improve your smile and bite significantly, but the prospect of wearing traditional braces can be daunting. The metal brackets that come with traditional braces are uncomfortable and conspicuous and they also make your teeth difficult to clean, which can lead to complications during and after your treatment.

What is SureSmile?

ClearCorrect® Teeth Straightening

Unlike traditional metal braces, SureSmile aligners fit comfortably over your teeth and don’t irritate your lips or gums.

SureSmile uses a series of removable clear, plastic aligners which gently and gradually align your teeth over time, eliminating the need for metal wires or brackets.

The aligners are made of a medical-grade, transparent plastic, and they are far less noticeable than traditional braces (in fact, they are almost invisible). They are worn for most of the day and night but can be removed at any time. You will be able to take out your aligners for eating, brushing your teeth and for special events such as weddings or class photos.

Complimentary SureSmile Consultation

Cosmetic consultationCome in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Byerly and find out if you are a candidate for SureSmile. You will receive:

  • Oral exam
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Find out about your treatment options
  • Get an estimate of treatment time
  • Get all your questions answered

To make an appointment, call 256‑841‑7222 or click here to request an appointment online.

Benefits of SureSmile

The benefits of the SureSmile system include:

  • ClearCorrect® Teeth StraighteningSureSmile aligners are almost invisible
  • You can remove your aligners for eating, flossing and brushing your teeth
  • Aligners can be removed for special events such as weddings or class photos
  • You will not have to deal with any metal wires or brackets
  • The aligners are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces
  • Less upkeep is required than with conventional metal braces
  • There are fewer trips to the dentist compared to conventional braces

The SureSmile Procedure

The SureSmile system gradually straightens your teeth over time, using a series of clear, plastic aligners. Dr. Byerly will thoroughly examine you beforehand, to determine if SureSmile is right for you and will get you the result that you desire.

Planning your treatment

ClearCorrect® Teeth Straightening

X-rays of your teeth are used in the design of your SureSmile aligners.

Dr. Byerly will perform a thorough oral examination and find out what you would like to achieve with your smile. She will advise you on what is possible with SureSmile, and if this system will enable you to achieve your goals. If SureSmile is right for you, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth using high-quality impression material. The impressions will be sent to the SureSmile lab and used in the planning of your treatment.

Custom-made aligners based on your treatment plan

At the SureSmile lab, the gradual repositioning of your teeth is digitally mapped out, dividing up the alignment process in individual, two-week stages. Each of your aligners is designed to achieve the result required for its corresponding stage, so that at the end of treatment, your teeth will have reached their desired positions. The lab will fabricate your complete set of aligners and send them to Dr. Byerly. When our office has received your aligners (usually after three or four weeks), your treatment can begin.

Gradually straightening your teeth

The aligners need to be worn in an exact sequence designed to bring about the desired results over time. Aligners are usually worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day, but you can remove them at any time for eating, brushing your teeth, and for special events such as wedding photos. Dr. Byerly will provide you with all necessary instructions and monitor your progress to ensure your treatment is successfully completed.

Conditions That Can Be Treated with SureSmile Teeth Straightening

SureSmile teeth straightening can treat the following conditions:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite (when upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth)
  • Underbite (when lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth)
  • Crossbite (when upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth)

SureSmile for Teenagers

ClearCorrect® Teeth StraighteningSureSmile plastic aligners can be used by teenagers as well as adults.

The clear, transparent nature of the aligners makes them nearly invisible, and this can help prevent your teen from feeling self-conscious about getting orthodontic treatment done. The aligners are easy to clean and can be removed for special events or class photos.

Teeth straightening not only improves the appearance of your child’s smile, it also properly aligns their bite, which is an important factor in overall oral health. A straight smile can prevent dental complications later on and set your child up for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Come and See Us for a Personal Consultation

You can come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Byerly and learn more about the benefits of SureSmile treatment. Dr. Byerly will discuss your smile goals, go over treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

To make an appointment, call 256‑841‑7222 or click here to request an appointment online.

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